Sprint Retrospective 2

For sprint two our group was in waiting state. We didn’t quite have any tasks to work on at the moment and we were conflicted on where to focus our future workloads. We know we want to work on the server but also are coming up with a backup plan in case that does not work out. Our group worked  a lot towards researching certain aspects about how servers work and talked about what incorporation we might need from other groups.

During our research, we found two tools that we plan to use for testing. These tools are useful in that Karma is more of a simple junit tester while protractor is end to end testing. As we continue to research more tools, we also want to familiarize ourselves more with the angular material. Angular is more familiar to us which is why it would be  a good idea to work on the bottom navigation bar, however some of us enjoy a nice challenge too, which is why we would want to work on the server.

Hopefully by our next sprint we should have more solid understanding of what we want to do. We are most likely going to be working on the server but no one in our group has worked on one before.



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