Sprint Retrospective 4

Throughout this sprint we attempted to get some services successfully mocked and hopefully start the integration process within components. One big issue we ran into was that our team was very confused as to how to continue from the point we were at. It seemed that a lot of the services that we traced just led to more mundane methods that did not really help us at all with any information that we needed for anyone’s components. Some of the patient profile services has some type of data to return. But what we found was that a lot of the services were making calls to URL’s that we had no clue as to where they led. We are pretty much stuck at a wall here. The way that we initially understand was not really completely thought out when it came to execution. Our main issue is that we understand that we need to mock only the important services that other team’s components require, populate them with data, and make it able to ping back to those components. However we are unclear of what to do from here. As I previously stated, it seems that the architecture of the ampath services were far larger and a lot more cryptic than we initially thought. Even though we have hit a big wall, our team is always trying to push through and are really trying to understand every aspect of what makes this issue an issue so that we can hopefully work past it.

Right now, our focus is to reconsider if this was the best choice for us. We have been actively consulting with other teams and Professor Wurst to try and come up with an efficient solution as to not create any unnecessary overhead. Admittedly, it seems as though we bit off way more than we can chew in this instance. What I believe our next plan of action will be is to actually development one of the components so that we can actually have something tangible to work with first, that way we can see if we can recoup for our loss on time of the server by mocking for components that will be directly relevant to us. We plan to work on the bottom navigation bar and sort of leave this roadblock where it is so we can still be efficient with our team. One of the things about coming to a road block like this is that it teaches us that sometimes not fully understanding things could actually be more of an issue than we thought. And this is not to say that we haven’t learned anything from this experience, because we have, rather it’s more of an eye opener to maybe scout out the road ahead a little bit better. But again, we are still going to actively try to work on this but for now we are putting it on the back burner until we can get something figured out so that in the future we can hopefully start compiling other components.


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