Sprint Retrospective 3

This sprint we ultimately ended up with choosing to work on the server. This server would be responsible for handling data transfers between all of the components of the groups. Our group had an internal vote between working on the server and working on the bottom navigation component, we all agreed to work on the server as we wanted to challenge ourselves and learn something that we have not done before. Learning something new seemed to be in the interest of all of us, and especially myself. Whether or not we can do this or not will be interesting because no matter what I feel as though we can learn something as a team.

When dealing with a servers it is very important to understand how services work. A server provides services to one or more clients and a server is the computer. These services are what makes these servers available on the network. In order to understand how these services work, our grouped delved further into this topic. We searched through ampath and found the folders that contained these services. These are the services that we will need to recreate in order to make the other components work. The catch was that we only needed to find the correct ones for each team’s respective component. We came across what is called “nock” to help us with mocking components. Instead of pulling data from servers, instead we need to pull data from a predefined list of attributes somewhere in the code. This is precisely what nock is designed to do. It overrides node’s http.request function to use modules directly.

Now that we have established what we are going to be using to mock these requests, our task was to now pinpoint these services. We started a backlog of services that we needed and plan to consult with other groups to see what type of form data is needed so that we can find the respective services. We have been communicating using slack, not only with our group, but with other groups to see where their progress is. We also created designated channels for discussion about pinpointing these services that we need to mock the requests. So far, nothing has really started for us as a sort of production, however in the coming sprints we want to start really engaging more with other groups and want to start designing the basic frameworks. This server seems like a big deal, and if pulled off correctly will be great. Trying to build and design something that is brand new to you is very intimidating and possibly time consuming, which is also part of the reason why we are trying to educate the other groups to have them help us find what specific services they need to we can work along side them to have a smoother transition when it comes to mocking the data. Hopefully we will be able to start gathering the resources and information we need by working with these other groups to secure these services and hopefully correctly map their locations.


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