Sprint Retrospective 6

What seemed like a doomed end for us, eventually our team got great results in the end, even though we started out very rough. In the first few sprints we definitely bit off a lot more than we could chew and almost put the component in jeopardy because of this. But through our team’s efficient refocusing and discussion we had a component that worked. During our final sprint we spent most of the time trying to figure out a lot of the CSS work. One issue that we also ran into was that we had a lot of issue when we were trying to merge our component with others. Eventually we found out that this is mainly due to our node versions being different and our use of Ignite UI imports that were absent in other team’s components. The reason these were absent in other team’s components was because the base angular material design api already included certain components that the other groups needed, whereas our component needed this other library. We ran through the other merge conflicts on git hub and managed to resolve them all with relative ease.

With the various obstacles we overcame, and the points at which it seemed all hope was loss, these sprint taught me a lot. This whole project taught me a lot about team building and resource management. This class gave great insight to our team building skills and how satisfying it was to overcome obstacles as a team. Through collaboration with other teams it was great to finally get past a certain roadblock or figure out that one syntax error that you got stuck on. It was a fun experience working with classmates that I never had worked with before because we all now have a greater sense of what team building is all about. These sprints were a great way for me to really understand what it takes to work together to find a solution, or even by yourself to figure out how to incorporate findings into the team. Although we had a challenging start, we made it to the end. And although not everything is as complete as we would like it to be, it still a great accomplishment.


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