Sweep The Floor

Whenever you are new to a team, it an be very nerve racking because you do not want to mess up a single thing. This mindset is perfectly normal and makes sense.  This pattern discusses newcomers into a project and what to do in this environment. For starters, it’s always important to make good relationships with your team. The situation is that you are a new apprentice on project and the team is unsure of you. You want to find ways to contribute to the teams work but you can’t overdue it. This pattern explains that y ou should volunteer yourself for simple but necessary tasks. There are always going to be certain tasks that your team will need to get done one way or another, and even though they are simple tasks, they can often enable for the future success of whatever project you are working on. When taking these tasks, you should still pump out a high quality job. Showing that you can perform even basic tasks at a very high standard of quality shows your team that you care about what you are doing even if it is just small tasks. Sometimes these tasks can be just as vitally important as other tasks. Some examples of these tasks are maintaining the build system, production support, responding to maintenance requests, bug fixing, code review, or even setting up the project wiki. However, it can be tough to do if you spent a lot of time and money on computer science education. The reality of it is that when you get into the workplace, our education is worth a lot less. When you join a computer team, getting hired is different from joining a team. Your firsts takes should be made to send a message. However, there could be some potential downfalls to this pattern. It could keep you permanently doing these mundane tasks for the team and never giving yourself a chance to expand to bigger and better things yourself. But if you do the tasks that sometimes your team may not want to do, it could give you a sort of priority on what you can do next for the team and open new opportunities for your team to see how worthy you are.


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