Confront Your Ignorance

This method talks about how there are tools that we need to master but we may not always understand how to master them. A lot of the times we try to be a master of all, when in reality that doesn’t necessarily work all of the time. What I mean by this is that when we are faced with¬† a task, sometimes we think we understand each little aspect of the specifications. However, upon actually tackling that task, we aren’t really sure where to go. Like one of my previous entries on “Exposing Your Ignorance”, confronting your ignorance really focuses on selecting on skill, tool, or technique and really honing in to fill gaps in your knowledge about it. One of the points in this method that really caught my attention was it’s mention of humble, ignorant, and dependent team building. If you are working with a team of developers and each team member has this ideology that everything is “just because of the way it is”. this can lead to a multitude of problems.

One of these problems is bad team building. When you assemble a team of people for some sort of project, you want to be able to work together to share ideas. If a problem arises you all want to be able to come together and understand what the issue is so you can solve it as a team. If you all think that things are just the way they are because they are, this can often lead to disagreements among team members. Some team members might even think you are against them just because you disagree with them on something. It’s this idea of confronting your ignorance that is vitally important to understand. You should learn one thing at a time, that way when a problem arrives, you can put aside¬† what you know, and focus on what you don’t know. Failure in a public place can be embarrassing, but it is exactly these failures that make it better. If you failed at something, you wouldn’t want to be ridiculed for it. Instead, you should learn from it and always be willing to learn more and more about the issue.