The Future of Performance Anaylitics

In the future, data analytics are going to be invested in a lot heavier due to the shear amount of information certain companies will need to collect and maintain. This issue is one that not only needs to be solved, but it also needs to have it’s issues prefaced before progression – which is what is hindering it.

This article/guide, it talks about the rapid speeds needed to meet deadlines for “high demand” analytical solutions. It goes into how certain markets are investing in analytical technologies in order to predict the future thus being able to optimally market services. However, the article states that three main factors are causing a great hindrance to this push. These factors are security, privacy, and error prone databases. Not only do these kinds of methods take time, they also need to be secure. Not only to protect mass amounts of data, but to operate as efficiently as possible.

Upon reading this article, what interested me is that North-America accounts for the largest market share due to the growing numbers of “players” in the region. Per the article, a lot of this is being invested for cloud-based solutions. What I found interesting, however, is that this company (Market Research Future), provides research to their clients. They have many dedicated teams devoted to specific fields, which is why they can craft their research very carefully. What I find useful about this posting is that it shows just how important the future of data analytics and organization can be. With the future of data collection, there will need to be more, optimized solutions to handle and control these types of research data.

The content of this posting confirms my beliefs on how cloud computing and cloud based data analysis and testing will continue to grow and evolve rapidly over the coming years. With more and more companies migrating to cloud based systems, not only for internal means, but for client needs as well, we will see a great push in optimized data sorting and faster data transfer. Expansion in cloud computing and web-based services will become the main staple of future products such as this.