Be the Worst

The pattern of Unleashing Your Enthusiasm is a very interesting pattern in that it teaches you how to deal with plateauing skills and what to do next. Becoming better at something is something that most people who are looking to improve try to accomplish. The difficult part is getting to that point. Often times we reach a point where nothing else seems achievable and all that was there to offer has been taken or learned. However, this is usually never the case. In fact, there can always be things to improve on – no matter what it is you do. One thing that you should teach yourself is that it is okay to be bad at something. If you compare yourself to others, that’s one thing. But if you compare yourself to others as a means to improve, that’s the important part. In order to get better at something, you need to find people that are better than you at it. This is just a basic fundamental of not only programming, but even sports. Boxers don’t just beat the best of the best in their first, second, or even third try. It takes them months or years to even try. But the more times they get knocked down, the more they learn. This is especially important in teamwork. By working with people who are better than you at something, you will naturally be obligated to perform better just because you don’t want to be the worst one. No one does.

I really enjoy this pattern because I have personal experience with this pattern. Whenever I am struggling with something, whether it’s programming, mathematics, or something else, I try to surround myself with people who better understand the content. By hearing them talk about certain things and by watching them do certain actions, that really helps me grasps topics better than anything else. Sometimes it’s hard to learn things on our own, but that’s okay. That’s because anyone can learn the content, it’s just a matter of HOW we learn. It’s a matter of HOW we perform certain actions that really push ourselves to our limits.


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