A Different Road

An important part of learning programming is the ability to keep learning and practice. By using ongoing practicing and learning, you will hone in on your skills as a developer and be able to solve a lot more problems that you may have thought differently about in the past. The Pattern of “A Different Road” says that you should find another path that has similar values with what you really are striving for. For example, if your family is important, you should choose some sort of path that follows that. Or if you value money or something else, you should reevaluate what exactly it is you are doing and ask yourself if it is something you truly want to do. Sometimes you may want to do one type of job but later find out that it is not as fulfilling as you once thought it was. This can lead to discouragement because it can get difficult. An example that the article used was how getting back into something can be difficult after leaving the first time. This is an important aspect tot he article because of it’s real world application. If you like to do something, you should really consider what exactly it is that you want to work for or work towards.

I found a lot of things that were interesting in this pattern. One thing that I would was very important was be able to know when something should change. If something seems like it would be unsatisfying to me, I should change it because it could hinder my ability in that field if I keep trying. This really made me think about my intended profession in ways that can potentially effect the places I choose to work at in the future. I definitely agree that although sometimes something may seem like a good profession, it may not always be stimulating to what you can truly apply yourself to. Trying different things is going to be very important and can be difficult, but it is that first step to make a change that will create all of the difference in the future.



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