Live Monitoring and Testing

This article from talks about how testing and monitoring live and active services is a key element of software quality assurance. After deployment, making sure all of the bells and whistles of a service are up-to-date is a very important thing. Not only is it important on the programmer’s end, but it is extremely important on the client side because you should have a smooth experience for the both of you. Without proper testing of a product or service, it is impossible to correctly gauge how it will perform, which is why pre-launch and post-launch immanence testing is a must, especially today. This article then goes into many online services that monitor performance and uptime of certain services. Let’s go into some of these now.

A very important aspect to tracking a service is by recording it’s uptime. A service called “StatusCake” does just this. StatusCake is a paid monitoring service that can monitor page speeds had extremely high rates. They claim to have a very large system for monitoring big servers. Another nice thing about StatusCake is that it can set reminders about domain renewals. SSL monitoring, and much more. Although at may seem like monitoring uptime of your service wouldn’t make sense, it is actually very crucial in many ways. One thing I learned from this article about how important this is, is by monitoring your up time, depending on how long a service is kept online without failing, you can determine by logging where issues lay when something does occur. Something such a service outage or service lag can easily be tracked and tested if you have tools available to help you track it.

Tracking these issues with a system can be tricky, but there is another testing tool that can help us do exactly this. This tool is called Uptrends. Uptrends is another software testing tool that actually notifies you and double checks when something is wrong with your service. One of the harder things is tracking exactly when or where an error in a service occurs. The interesting thing about Uptrends is that it will actually give you detailed reports and statistics on these errors and also sends out email alerts when something goes wrong. This is another very important aspect of software quality assurance and testing. When something goes wrong you need to have information about the failure as fast as possible. With services such as this, you can receive notifications as soon as the fault happens so you can act accordingly to the issue.

Many services are available to help developers and clients for software testing and quality assurance. Depending on what you need, it is very important to keep a close eye on operations after a service is launched or completed, especially if it is being upgraded or modified in any way.




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