Web Apps vs. Native Apps

With our discussions in class about typescript and java script for use with Web-apps, I believe it is important to discuss the difference between web-apps and native apps and how our knowledge of them can help us decide which one is more preferable. I choose this article by Lifewire because it provides a great compare and contrast of web-apps and native apps.

There has been an ongoing debate over what type of app is better – Web Apps or Native apps. Firstly, I think it is important to distinguish the two. Typically, a native app is an app that is used local on a device. These apps are usually downloaded and installed on the device. For example, the camera app on an android phone or Microsoft word on a desktop computer. While native apps are usually local on a device, Web Apps are apps that are not installed locally on a device.

Let’s take for instance a locally installed app. That app can access almost all of the devices features (if permissions are granted). Snapchat, for example, is an instant messaging app using a smart-device’s internal camera. That is a native app using another native app. A web app only has access to a limited number of the device’s native features. This may seem like a bad thing, however, there are greater benefits to web-apps than you may think

The great thing about native apps is that since they operate specifically on software designed for a particular device, it can be greatly optimized and catered towards that device, thus enhancing the users experience. At the same time, this means whenever a native app needs to be updated, the device needs to keep downloading updates and bug fixes. With a web app, all updates are handled on the back-end, therefore no native changes or downloads need to be made.

Both web-apps and native apps are used everyday, and arguably, they can both be used hand in hand. Web apps can be developed for native apps and native apps can be developed for web apps. Paypal has a web-app in browser, however they also have a native app that can be downloaded and updated. I think as technology progresses, we will see more web-apps as cloud computing seems to be the future. Knowing this, I personally think that web-apps will continue to evolve because they require no user action to update and they do not need to be designed for a specific system, therefore making


Source: (https://www.lifewire.com/native-apps-vs-web-apps-2373133)


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