Android finds a new Favorite Language – Kotlin

C++ and Java are two of the uncontested programming language giants used today. A couple weeks ago, Google had announced its addition with the Kotlin programming language in Android. Kotlin has been slowly getting started, but had not really seen a spike in interest until Google’s endorsement of it, and since it will become integrated in Android, interest is rapidly rising and people are wondering why this will be useful. This article explains some of the benefits and surprising amount of compatibility Kotlin has with Java, which makes it easier for programmers to learn it. I choose this article because it explains how Kotlin’s popularity has spiked since Google’s integration of it on Android and also how it has many useful tools and compatibility with Java, which can make it an easy language to pick up.

Kotlin is an open source language that offers full java integration. This not only means that it is easy to get a hold of, but it also means that Kotlin will be backwards compatible with Java 6 and 7. This is possible because Kotlin runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and it also takes advantage of Java’s libraries and tools. I think this is huge because Kotlin is not trying to directly compete with Java, but it is aiming for a simpler way to write code while also having the familiarity of the Java libraries. Therefore, it helps ease the learning curve. From the Article, “Kotlin may even change how Java is used on the server, too. In short, Android developers without Kotlin skills are at risk of being seen as dinosaurs very soon,” the report states. As per predictions, Kotlin will overtake Java in December 2018, which would be about 17 months after the official support announcement.”

This relates to our current class material because we always want tasks to run more efficient, whether it being by certain design patterns or how ideas are implemented. Since we are using Java, it may be interesting to take a look at this potential third titan to the programming scene, as it’s tools and Java compatibility seem very useful. From the data mentioned above, we can expect Kotlin to surpass Java by December of 2018, 17 months from the official announcement. This would be a great time to start learning and familiarizing myself with Kotlin as it seems to be something that will stick with us, seeing as Android will not be going anywhere anytime soon.




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